Getting results are important and we know that our programme and a healthy lifestyle will create them, but we are not big fans of before and after shots. We'd rather you be happy as you are, before, after and during. For us the journey is more important.

This is what our clients have to say about theirs:


Nicola Saltman
"Fitness has always been part of my life and so training locally (5 min drive from home) means I can still fit it into my day, home in time to get kids ready, shower, dress and shoot off to school and the office - Member since 2013 "*

Kate Montgomerie
"Joining evo has completely changed my outlook on exercise. I look forward to my early morning training sessions no matter what the rest of the day brings. I get to see the sun come up at Coogee beach and it is an awesome start to the day. Training outdoors gives me such a great sense of accomplishment. It has also helped me to meet some fantastic people in my local area and given me a greater sense of community. Being outside in such a supportive and friendly group has been more motivating for me than the gym has ever been. I love being able to use the beach and surrounds as my training area. The type of training we do outdoors with evo has had more of an impact on my health and fitness in just a couple of months than years of classes at the gym! Evo has helped me to improve my fitness levels well beyond what I thought I was capable of. The trainers are extremely motivating and keep each session challenging and fun - Kate Montgomerie, Evolution Coogee. 36 sessions and a member since April 2015"*

Chris Turnbull
"I love training down at Coogee beach every week and the feeling I get when I've completed a rewarding training session whilst watching the sun come up in such a beautiful location. I really enjoy being part of the early morning community. We see the same characters every morning, whether they're exercising, walking their pets or simply out to watch the morning sunrise. On the lighter mornings during summer, there can be hundreds of people around and if you didn’t know the time, you would assume it to be the middle of the day! Although a little quieter during the winter, it’s still a time that I love as I really feel like I’m a “local”!! For me, Evo is the key to a balanced lifestyle. Evo helps me to prioritise the things that I want to achieve and provides a structure to the week through the commitments I make to training. Every day that I train, I feel like I’ve set myself up for success!! - Chris Turnbull, Evolution Coogee. 170 sessions and a member since April 2014"*

Geraldine Mann
"The thing I love most about training outdoors with Evo is the feeling of connectedness to my surroundings that you just don't get in a gym. I've seen whales, dolphins and of course the most amazing sunrises!! The best thing about training in the local community is meeting people that not only make training fun but are also close by to share in my other favourite pastimes. I arrived from Scotland not knowing anyone in Coogee and Jayne and her group made me feel like I was joining an extended family. The sessions are always challenging, fun and full of variety. I always complete every training session with the biggest sense of accomplishment in a great headspace and ready to embrace the day ahead - Geraldine Mann, Evolution Coogee. 468 sessions and member since Aug 2012 "*

Liz Swanton
"With Evo, I love the fact that there's always a variable, whether it's the weather, the terrain or one of the trainers making the most of the landscape and if you're going to push yourself, you just can't beat that view for inspiration! I always used to train alone so it was a pleasant surprise to find how motivating it is to train in a group whether you're looking for support, a bit of competition, or a friend to pace off, or quite often a bit of all three. It's a great way to meet people and be a part of something. The group has some awesome characters who can make me laugh out loud even at 6am!! Variety, fun, and a perfect reason to leap out of bed first thing in the morning! - Liz Swanton, Evolution Coogee. 420 sessions and a member since 2012"*

Thomas Kriegel
"It is very convenient to train locally,and Dover Heights is just a great place, with some of the best Sydney views over the harbour and the Harbour Bridge and the best Sydney sunrise. It's also great to train with your local buddys, to work out in a team before you start your day especially as you can do it year round here in Australia (compared to Germany which is where I come from) - Thomas Kriegel 104 evolution Dover Heghts sessions member since October 2014"*

Avril Jacobson
"I love the early mornings, the fresh air and its me time. it's also great to get my exercise ticked off first thing - it sets me up for the day. I'm getting fitter and I feel better physically - but it's good for me mentally too - a time for me to escape everything else and just focus on myself for an hour. And Dover Height's sunrises are the best ever - Avril Jacobson 116 Evolution Dover heights sessions & member since September 2014"*

Juliette Segal
"I love the smell of the ocean, the sunrise and jasmine in the mornings.Being able to create new friendships in my community through a common interest that keeps us healthy and motivated, and because it's so close there can be a no excuse policy, exercising with friends also keeps your motivation levels on the upside. I have noticed my strength improve aswell as a jump in self-esteem and confidence! - Juliette Segal 71 Dover heights evolution sessions since Sep 2014 "*

Alvaro Ceppi
"I can already see such an amazing change in myself. I have much more energy and feel better then I have in a long time .you are doing an amazing job and I very happy that I am on this journey with you with you - Alvaro Ceppi 91 Dover Heights evolution sessions since Sep 2014"*

David Mills
"My favourite time to train is under the stars and watching the sunrise in the cool of winter. It's an added bonus when we spy whales or dolphins. I love the 6am routine as it ensures I get the rigorous exercise I need. There is no excuse to get in the way at 6am and your sense of accomplishment as early as 7am everyday is huge.Bronte is Sydney's gem. I wander down the hill so am at training in minutes I can't imagine not having Evo - David Mills 735 Bronte evolution sessions since Oct 2009"*

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* Testimonial Disclaimer

All testimonials are real. However, it must be disclaimed that these testimonials do not claim to represent typical results. They are meant as a showcase of what the people can achieve. Individual results may vary and you may not get the same results as those described in these testimonials. Your outcome depends on you and how much effort you put in.


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