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The Need

$162 USD
average monthly wage

Over 60%
live below the poverty line

500,000 +
Bolivians are amputees

The Mission

We cherish the freedom of movement and we want every person to have the chance to enjoy mobility and good health, regardless of where they live. That’s why we fund prosthetic limbs for amputees in Bolivia.

In Australia, the average person under the age of 35 lives on $869 per week.

In Bolivia, this number drops to $46 per week. Bolivia is the poorest country in South America. 64% of Bolivians live below the poverty line – that’s nearly 7 million people living in poverty.

Limited social security means that many Bolivians simply don’t possess the resources to access the medical care they need. Our financial support of The Artificial Limbs Centre makes a direct impact on the lives of Bolivian amputees.


How it works 


Every four-week training cycle, we donate funds to our charity project, You Move Me. This money is sent to The Artificial Limbs Centre in La Paz, Bolivia, where it is used to provide prosthetic limbs to Bolivian amputees. Check out the centre.



Donations can only be triggered if our clients follow through with their commitment to attend their sessions. When session milestones are hit the donation is triggered. We call this our You Move Me target. Whether they commit to one session each week or to five, our clients change the world just by showing up.



If you would like to donate funds to the YMM project over and above our triggered donations please follow this link. Donations are made through our project sponsor - Rotary Australia and are tax deductible. One hundred percent of the funds donated go to the charity in Bolivia. All of these funds are used  to support the patients. 

Korrin Barrett

Korrin found us while searching for a fitness community suited to amputees. In 2012, Korrin lost her hands and legs to septicaemia. After a period of intensive surgery and rehabilitation, Korrin’s eagerness to regain her fitness led her to us. She was captivated by You Move Me and our philosophy.  

Korrin is inspiring people throughout the world by sharing her story and her passion for a better quality of life for amputees. Get in touch with Korrin via her Facebook page, Life Unlimbited.

To watch part of Korrin's story and learn more about the YMM project watch this video on Korrins City to Surf journey or check out this feature on 7 News