Getting results are important and we know that our programme and a healthy lifestyle will create them, but we are not big fans of before and after shots. We'd rather you be happy as you are, before, after and during. For us the journey is more important.

This is what our clients have to say about theirs:


Stefan Beekman
Member at Bondi since Aug 2012
"Training outdoors at evolution Bondi before the first sunlight gives me an incredible amount of positive energy which resonates with me during the rest of the day. It creates an amazing sense of achievement if you get out of bed to train at 6am no matter what the weather gods throw at you! I know that at 5:25am my alarm goes off, so now I don't take that glass of wine in the evening. In combination with Aaron's training program that makes me feel amazing! - Stefan Beekman 294 Bondi evolution sessions member since August 2012"*

Nat Saulter
Member at Bondi
"What's not to love about training at one of the most iconic locations in Australia, if not the world? Glorious sun rises, fresh air, waves, whales, dolphins.... Add to that one of the most committed and supportive trainers that you'll find anywhere with a variety of weights, bodyweight, cardio and yoga training to keep you interested and I reckon you've got the perfect combo. Locally has meant I get to enjoy the environment I moved across the world to live in. There's a real sense of community and support, and I've made a great bunch of friends. It's more than just the training, it's almost a way of life! And to top it off Evo helped me lose 28kg! - Nat Saulter 405 Bondi evolution sessions member since May 2012"*

Sean Kearney
Member at Bondi
"To get outside every morning at 6am is a treat - it's the best way to start your day. Knowing you gave your all and that you're going to reap the benefits of training hard provides that motivation to get out there and do day after day ..... to do that at Bondi Beach each morning while watching the sunrise is simply the most amazing way to start the day. I love it... it's like an addiction. Evo provides the motivation to go one step further than you thought you could...one more burpee, one more kettelbell swing, one more km on the run... You know when you finish an Evo session that you worked hard for the day and the rest of the day is yours to enjoy. - Sean Kearney 150 Evolution Bondi sessions member since August 2014"*

Matt Hilton
Member at Maroubra
"I work at a computer all day, so getting outside to work out is critical for staying sane and releasing stress. I enjoy outdoor training so much more than gym-based work - there's nothing to get you through a hard-core session like the view out over the beach and ocean in the morning. (It almost makes you forget how much your abs are hurting.) Evo is more than just a boot camp. There's a real camaraderie in training with like-minded local people. I feel much more connected to my local area since starting to train locally it feels more like home - Matt Hilton 68 Maroubra evolution sessions member since Feb 2015"*

Georgie Young
Member at Maroubra
"When you train outdoors, the environment never goes stale, as it does in a gym. There's always something new to take in, aside from the training. Convenience and accessibility is definitely one benefit, but as a recent arrival in Sydney when I joined, it was a great way to get to know like-minded people in my area, some of the friendships I've forged are the strongest and most important in my life and I will be forever grateful to ETW for bringing us all together - Georgie Young 532 Maroubra evolution session member since Feb 2011"*

Barry Rutstein
Member at Maroubra
"I really love the fresh air and seeing the sunrise before most of the world. Couple that with the fact that it's so easy to get to training if it's local and you get to know more people in the area and can build special friendships with like - minded people. A second family! - Barry Rutstein 326 Maroubra evolution sessions member since May 2013"*

Lou Monk
Member at Maroubra
"Maroubra Beach is the best gym in the world: amazing sunrises, big blue skies and fresh air and I am constantly inspired by the achievements of the people at training. There is a great camaraderie within Team Maroubra regardless of your own fitness levels. With such a busy life the Evo system works for me. I can tick one hour of exercise off my to do list and get on with my day feeling great - Lou Monk 218 sessions with Maroubra evolution since October 2011"*

Katerina Plastiras
Member at Rosebay
"We are really lucky at Rose Bay to have such an awesome and energetic group. It motivates you to get up and train in the morning and it's a lot of fun and what I love about evo is the variety it provides - no session is the same. I am now able to do things I didn't think I could do which is a really rewarding feeling - Katerina Plastiras 226 Rose Bay evolution sessions since Jan 2013"*

Jasmin Pampling
Member at Rosebay
"Working from a studio there can be entire weeks where I don't see the sun. Training with Evo has been great for getting me out into the fresh air and it's a nice reminder there is life beyond work. Rain hail or shine, our trainer is there to meet us with a smile and there is always a great energy from everyone. The trainers work with you to set goals and help you achieve them and I've seen my physical health improving at each session - Jasmin Pampling 47 Rose Bay evolution sessions since Jan 2015"*

Grace Mclean
Member at Rosebay
"It's been great to meet new people who live locally as well as take advantage of the beautiful place where we are lucky to live!. I really thrive off the energy of others and find myself a lot more motivated training with Evo in a group than I do independently and I've also found muscles I never knew existed, become a morning person and can nearly execute a handstand. Winning! - Grace Mclean 203 Rose Bay evolution sessions since Feb 2013"*

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* Testimonial Disclaimer

All testimonials are real. However, it must be disclaimed that these testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results with Evolution to Wellbeing’s programs, they are meant as a showcase of what the most motivated and dedicated people can achieve. Individual results may vary and you may not get the same results as those described in these testimonials. Your outcome depends on you and how much effort you put in.


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