Getting results are important and we know that our programme and a healthy lifestyle will create them, but we are not big fans of before and after shots. We'd rather you be happy as you are, before, after and during. For us the journey is more important.

This is what our clients have to say about theirs:


Olivia Noakes
"Being outdoors has always been a huge part of my lifestyle and fitness routine and I was lucky enough to find a piece of home right here in Sydney. Being at Bronte at 6am is the best way to start my day. With Matt and the rest of the crew it's not only an intense workout that keeps me feeling fit and healthy but is an abundance of fun as well! - Olivia Noakes 468 Bronte evolution sessions since Oct 2012"*

Antonia Saunokonoko
"The thing I love most about training with evo is that after 20 years of being dedicated to going to gym, I'm working out in a completely new way: with other people, in the fresh air and loving activities I'd never enjoyed before, like running and yoga. I love training locally because it's easy and accessible, I've met local friends and I'm getting to know my local area by running round it! I get so much out of evo , time for myself, greater strength and fitness, a sense of achievement and a loads of fun. Just love it - Antonia Saunokonoko 68 Bronte evolution sessions since Jan 2015"*

Charly Garske
"Who wouldn't want to train with this view every morning?! The best thing is that you do something different every day and it never gets boring. Trust me,I still get sore after being with Evo for over a year now. Group training motivates me and makes reaching my goals a lot easier! I never thought I could actually get addicted to it. Haha I love every minute of it when I'm down at the park. Our trainer Matt really pushes you, physically but also mentally. Speaking about it, cannot wait for training tomorrow!! ;-) - Charly Garske 139 Bronte evolution sessions since July 2014"*

Rikki Herbert
"Im an outdoors person and doing your workout in the fresh air with scenery makes all the difference....especially the sunrise! Its great to meet like minded people who want to live happy healthy lives... Training with the Evo group at Queens Park of a morning makes a huge difference to my day. The best part would also be Steph, she is a brilliant trainer who takes a personal interest in each and every person and their goals - Rikki Herbert, 293 Queens Park evolution sessions since February 2013"*

Joanna Del Vecchio
"I love being able to train outdoors! Fresh Air! Space! Terrain! More than that it's always interesting! Training never consists of the same thing each week as there is so much possibility in a large park and it's surrounding neighbourhood. I get the opportunity to train with the best group of people all from my local community. Motivation and accountability for my own health and fitness is what i get from Evo! I might still slip up a time or two but it's a lot more than I'd have done without evo! - Joanna Del Vecchio 98 sessions with Evo Queens Park since February 2014"*

Oliver Warner
"The training offered by Evo is the perfect mixture of strength, endurance and cardiovascular training. The trainers themselves are always pushing us to our limits, but at the same time they know our own personal limits and always have plently of alternative exercises if something proves too hard. There's such a nice group of people who train down at Rushy, it just adds another reason to look forward to getting down to the park in the morning. Evo provides me with some of the best training sessions I've ever done - Olivia Warner 80 sessions with Rushcutters Bay evolution since Feb 2015"*

"Training outside has made me appreciate Rushcutters Bay even more! And watching the sun rise every morning is a real treat. It's great to see the park come to life over the course of the training too people training, walking their dogs etc. It's a real pleasure. I feel a part of the community and proud to live in such a beautiful area! Barton is a wonderful trainer and a great motivator. I love being part of group training as it encourages me to not give up. It's great to see my strength levels change - I don't think I've ever been so fit in my life! And I've formed close friendships with the other people in the group which was an added bonus! Juanita Field, 66 sessions with Rushcutters Bay Evo & member since March 2015."*

Bente Sandmoe
"Training outdoors with Evo is a great start to the day! Seeing the sun rise in the morning as we train is a definite highlight. Plus there is so much room for activities! When you live in a beautiful area like Rushy how can you not train locally! Evo gives me an amazing start to the day. Since starting with Evo I have seen great results and learnt a lot about my own capacity and skills when it comes to certain exercises. The best thing and what keeps me motivated is the variety of the training, always something different and sometimes even a fun game to get the heart rate going (ultimate Frisbee!). Bente Sandmoe, 84 sessions with Rushcutters Evo & member since December 2014"*

Jack Wild
"With Evo, there is just the right amount of strength, endurance, cardio and with the yoga as well, it really is a one stop shop for my fitness; I gave up my gym membership 2 years ago and have never looked back. There is a strong focus on functional movement. All the workouts are well researched and proven to give you the most benefit, not just the latest fad. I like the fact that you train with locals and really get to know the people that you aretraining with. I get my fitness with Evo, my sanity and a feeling of connection with my local community and a heap of new friends! Jack Wild, 45 sessions with Rushcutters Evo & member since 2015"*

Julia Crowe
"What's not to love about training outdoors with Evo. I especially enjoy training as the sun rises over Sydney Harbour. I've met a great group of people who have fun, challenge and encourage each other. An Evo start to my day helps me balance family, work and self care. Julia Crowe, 193 sessions with Balmain Evo & member since September 2013"*

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* Testimonial Disclaimer

All testimonials are real. However, it must be disclaimed that these testimonials do not claim to represent typical results. They are meant as a showcase of what the people can achieve. Individual results may vary and you may not get the same results as those described in these testimonials. Your outcome depends on you and how much effort you put in.


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