Our Program

Our program includes the key elements of a balanced approach to fitness, so you get the best possible results:

  • Functional strength training. Get lean and build a functional, powerful body.
  • Cardio-based interval training. Get fit, fast and agile.
  • Yoga and Pilates. Get flexible and improve your balance with postural awareness.

Here’s an example of a week of sessions:

  • Monday: Dumbbells / run – choose to do both, or pick one and focus.
  • Tuesday: Yoga / moving circuit – choose to do both, or pick one and focus.
  • Wednesday: Cardio boxing – a varied cardio session inspired by boxing training.
  • Thursday: Pilates / long run – choose to do both, or pick one and focus.
  • Friday: Barbells / sprints – choose to do both, or pick one and focus.
  • Saturday: 7am super session – join a merged session with other KLIKs.

Sessions that include two components are generally run by two trainers, so instead of doing just one thing for 60 minutes, you can move between activities. This keeps sessions dynamic and ensures that your body remains challenged. Plus, time flies when you’re doing different things and the session’s over before you know it!

Our program runs in 4-week blocks, with each week featuring different equipment. Our trainers are experts in using fitness equipment as it is designed to be used. They design new session plans every week, so your training program always stays fresh.

Please note that session types may vary depending on location and time of session. Some groups do not offer Saturday sessions. We currently have groups and sessions in over 25 locations. You can view the current timetables in each of them by clicking on the Find a location link below