Why Evo?

How we train ?

In 2001 long before cross training, HIIT sessions and variety were the buzz we focused on cross training and variety. Evo collective trainers have access to heaps of shared equipment and also use support trainers like yoga and pilates teacher to add extra spice. the key is to create variety and keep the training interesting, challenging and inspiring. The best way to experience it is to register for our obligation free trial and experience it for yourself. 

How long do the sessions last?

Sessions generally last for 60 minutes though some trainers do have their own structure. Best to check with the trainer who runs your location and check out their timetable. They start and finish punctually. . If you need to leave a session early, we can accommodate that. 

How many people attend each session?

Attendance varies in each group, at each session time and according to the weather. We aim to have 7-15 people per trainer at each session. The trainers will always make sure that they give you the individualised focus that you need. 

Do I have to wait for the next 4-week block before I can start?

No, you can start your free trial week and become a member anytime.

What do I need to bring to the session?

We recommend you bring some water, wear suitable clothing to train in, suitable footwear for exercise, and a light splash proof jacket in case of rain. Some clients prefer to bring their own wrist guards for the boxing sessions, but if you haven't got these, don't worry - we provide inner gloves for hygiene reasons. All other equipment is provided at the session.

What happens if it's raining?

Sessions go ahead regardless of the weather. On particularly wet days we move to a wet weather location. You will be notified of the location change by your trainer 30 minutes before the session.

What's the male/female ratio like?

Client gender ratios vary across the KLIKs, usually according to the head trainer's style and the session time. Broadly, 65% of Evolution To Wellbeing's clients are female and 35% are male.

What time are the sessions?

Training starts at 6am Monday - Friday and at 7am on Saturdays. In some KLIKs, we also have 7:15am and 9am sessions.

Why do the locations change?

Changing session locations throughout the week brings variety to your training program. Also, some workout styles require particular location-specific terrain and equipment. Check your KLIK's timetable to see where you're training. You will always have at least three sessions per week in your KLIK's main training location.

Why I can't view the timetable for my location?

We might not have uploaded the timetable for next week yet. There will always be sessions running, so contact your trainer for details.

I feel overwhelmed by the task ahead of me. Where do I start to improve my health and fitness?

If you're keen to improve your holistic health and fitness, then setting realistic goals is the place to start. First, complete our pre training questionnaire. Next, the head trainer at the KLIK you'd like to check out will get in touch to chat about making these goals a reality.

The partnership?

Your evolution trainer is literally your partner. You belong to a specific community at a specific location in a specific time slot. This relational based attendance structure (unique to evolution) means that you create partnership with your trainer and the other members of your KLIK (group). Every Sunday your trainer (evolutionary) will touch base to find out exactly what sessions you will be doing in the coming week. They will support you to come to the sessions, and work at your level. They will also support you to reach your unique specific measurable personal goal and ride the ebbs and flows with you.

Creating the habit?

Creating a year round exercise habit is the domain of very few. Only a minute amount of people can claim to exercise regularly year in year out. That is our speciality. We will show you what is possible, and how fulfillling training regularly is for the body, mind and soul.

Specific results - weight loss, increased fitness, improved strength, more vital energy and less stress

Outside of the simple joy of movement you might have a specific goal that you would like to achieve. Whether it be fitness, weight loss, strength or energy related our program content and highly experienced trainers will ensure that with your commitment your goal will be achieved. Over 17 000 people have participated in our programs and their are so many transformational stories

Am I fit enough?

Generally participants have one of 2 concerns about their fitness, either they think they are too fit or they think they are not fit enough.

What makes our program very cool is that it accommodates totally varying fitness and ability levels so no matter where you are on the wellbeing journey you will find your place at evolution.

Whether you are training for your first half marathon or can’t even complete a lap of the field. Whether you can do 100 burpies without stopping or don’t even know what a burpie is you will find our sessions challenging while catering to your fitness level.

Our unique session content structure, time based choreography, multiple session choices in the same time slot and the expertise of your trainer all ensure that evolution can cater for your ability level.

The best way to know is to try and that is why we insist that all clients do a minimum of a weeks free trial. That we as trainers and you as a client can both make an informed decision about whether evolution is right for you.

Take the next step by completing our free week trial form

How much does it cost?

We offer three membership packages to suit you according to how often you want to train. We have no contracts and no minimum sign-up period. We value flexibility and we know you do too, so you can catch up on missed sessions when it suits you, at no extra cost. Session costs range from $11.00 - $24.00 depending on the package purchased. For more information about membership packages, view our pricing page.

How do I pay?

Payments are processed through a third party billing provider, either by credit card or direct debit. You will be charged every four weeks at the start of each four-week block. With two weeks' notice, we can change your membership package, freeze or cancel your membership. If you have more questions, your KLIK's head trainer is the go-to person for all membership information.

What if I can't make it to training?

If you can't make it to training due to work, illness, injury, holidays or other unforeseen reasons, don't stress!

Our Commited and Unstoppable membership packages allows you to freeze your membership at any time. Evolution to wellbeing runs for 48 weeks each year; from mid-December to mid-January all memberships are frozen and you are not charged. (Pay-as-you-go training sessions are available for the go-getters during this period.)

Do you offer health insurance rebates?

We are registered as a health services provider with NIB insurance. Some insurers offer rebates without registration. Check with your insurer to find out if you are eligible for a rebate.