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St Peters

Sydney Park, Sydney Park Rd

The St Peters Group launched in Spring 2013 and since then has become an integral part of the Sydney Park community and loved by St Peters locals.

The Group's main training ground is within easy access to St Peters, Newtown and Matraville. The park provides running tracks, lawn and undercover areas, so you’re in for an awesome workout rain, hail or shine! 

Jono Alcockpt - St Peters Head Trainer

Jono was born in country South Australia and moved to Brisbane after joining the military. During his time in the Army, he experimented with various styles of training including; traditional bodybuilding, MMA training and cycling before he discovered CrossFit! This is where he found his true love of functional training!

He saw the phenomenal ways that fitness can change people’s lives and became passionate about this life changing idea and wanted to share it with others. He decided to pursue a career in the fitness industry as he believe there is no greater fulfillment than being able to help others achieve their goals. He has coached team in a variety of settings both in and outside the gym including as a CrossFit Coach and Mountain Bike instructor. Motivation and encouragement are a big part of his coaching approach which focuses on striving for overall health and fitness for his team.


Variety is the key to results, loving your training and building the habit.

We give you loads of different sessions for your strength,  body-mind and cardio training.

Think power ropes, dumbbells, sprint sessions, medicine balls, kettle-bells, trail runs, yoga, Pilates, sand dunes, kayaking, boxing and barbells.

Below is an example of what a week in your location looks like. Check with your trainer to get the specifics as locations, content and days do change.

  Jan 20 - Jan 26  
Location Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  • Cardio IconCardio
  • Strength IconStrength
  • Mind Body RemedialMind Body
  • Strength Cardio MixStrength Cardio Mix

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