Callan Park, 

Join Confit's founder Joe Kwon the as the lead in Rozelle.

Joe, with a bunch of Rozelle-Lilyfield locals will make your Callan Park morning amazing. 

The park provides several ovals and running tracks as well as an undercover area — so you’ll get a workout rain, hail or shine!

Joe Kwon - Rozelle Head Trainer

Joe founded ConFit, an idea that originated from a prison cell while he served time behind bars. ConFit coaches and develops formerly incarcerated inmates not just to become great fitness instructors but great business people and outstanding members of society who give back to their communities.
The recidivism rate in NSW reveal that 1 in 2 inmates return to prison and Joe’s vision is to reduce this statistic and create holistic communities through fitness. His partnership with evolution and the evo collective is the first step in turning this vision into a reality.
Joe’s background is in martial arts holding a 2nd dan black belt in tae-kwon-do and is a certified boxing coach. Not many people understand the true value of freedom like Joe and he translates this value to his clients through outdoor training.


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Variety is the key to results, loving your training and building the habit.

We give you loads of different sessions for your strength,  body-mind and cardio training.

Think power ropes, dumbbells, sprint sessions, medicine balls, kettle-bells, trail runs, yoga, Pilates, sand dunes, kayaking, boxing and barbells.

Below is an example of what a week in your location looks like. Check with your trainer to get the specifics as locations, content and days do change.

  Jul 13 - Jul 19  
Location Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  • Cardio IconCardio
  • Strength IconStrength
  • Mind Body RemedialMind Body
  • Strength Cardio MixStrength Cardio Mix

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