Our Program

Our program includes the key elements of a balanced approach to health and wellbeing:

Strength & conditioning,  Functional fitness & mobility & Cardio health 

Activities range from Kettlebells, dumbells, yoga, pilates, HIIT training, sprint training, run groups, battle ropes, kayaking and Bosu. Pretty much anything you could imagine doing in nature.

That keeps it fresh, interesting and challenging and that is why we call it evolution outdoors. 

The other cool thing about it is that you get to pick and choose the activities that you enjoy or want to focus on. So you get:  

Maximum personalisation maximum variety & maximum fun. 

To make that easy for you we either have two instructors at the session doing 2 different things or two different activities and you can participate in both if you like. 

This keeps the sessions dynamic and ensures that your body remains challenged through this cross training type approach. 

Our program runs continuously throughout the year and you can jump in and trial it at any time.

We have no contracts or lock in periods and we still have people training wit us who joined us in 2001 when the program was first launched. 

Be aware that session types and session differ by location. We currently have groups and sessions in over 25 locations. You can view the current timetables in your location by clicking on the Find a location link below