Glebe Personal Training


Bicentennial Park, Federal Rd

Our Glebe Group launched in Spring 2013 and quickly became the most popular and successful outdoor training option amongst the Glebe locals.

The Glebe Group offers a dynamic weekly training program at Bicentennial Park, right on Blackwattle Bay, facing the ANZAC Bridge and makes the most of what this incredible training location has to offer. 

Andy Wilson - Glebe Head Trainer

Andy has been a trainer of one kind or another for over 16 years and enjoys leading an active lifestyle which includes activities like trail running, playing soccer and SCUBA diving.

Andy is also a Family Relationship Counsellor and school teacher and so has a depth of expereince across a few domains.

This unique skillset can be seen in Andy's holistic approach to exercise and lifestyle change.

It is easy to talk about goals but Andy actually knows how to motivate and inspire people to achieve things they never dreamed possible.

He does that while creating a supportive, inclusive and enjoyable training environment 



Variety is the key to results, loving your training and building the habit.

We give you loads of different sessions for your strength,  body-mind and cardio training.

Think power ropes, dumbbells, sprint sessions, medicine balls, kettle-bells, trail runs, yoga, Pilates, sand dunes, kayaking, boxing and barbells.

Below is an example of what a week in your location looks like. Check with your trainer to get the specifics as locations, content and days do change.

  Jun 21 - Jun 27  
Location Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  • Cardio IconCardio
  • Strength IconStrength
  • Mind Body RemedialMind Body
  • Strength Cardio MixStrength Cardio Mix

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