Coogee Personal Training


Goldstein Reserve, Arden St

The Coogee Group trains right on the beach so post-training ocean dips are a regular feature in summer for those who are keen! Training with this mob offers you loads of workout choices Our meeting spot is halfway along the promenade on the grass adjacent to the look out point / ramp down to the beach (south end of Goldstein Reserve). Park your car in the Pavillion car park (north end of beach) or the Coogee Oval car park across the road. 

This could be you  - Coogee Head Trainer

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This could be your bio. Get in contact with us, let us know who you are and join our Evo Collective as Coggees new trainer.


Variety is the key to results, loving your training and building the habit.

We give you loads of different sessions for your strength,  body-mind and cardio training.

Think power ropes, dumbbells, sprint sessions, medicine balls, kettle-bells, trail runs, yoga, Pilates, sand dunes, kayaking, boxing and barbells.

Below is an example of what a week in your location looks like. Check with your trainer to get the specifics as locations, content and days do change.

  May 25 - May 31  
Location Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  • Cardio IconCardio
  • Strength IconStrength
  • Mind Body RemedialMind Body
  • Strength Cardio MixStrength Cardio Mix

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