Our Evolution

Welcome to a new outdoor fitness journey, where evolution starts at 6am - a simple concept, but one at the very heart of our identity and what makes us truly unique. We are committed to offering you more than a bootcamp experience. As the sun rises on each new day, our community of like-minded, team-orientated individuals  (locals of all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds), strap on their trainers and head to their favourite  local park or beach, to partner with their trainer (otherwise known as an evolutionary) and begin their journey towards building a healthier, happier life.


In the beginning

evolution launched in early 2001 with a group of six clients and one trainer, transforming a committed group of individuals into to an incredible community who love spending time together. Our evolutionaries are motivating individuals, inspiring leaders and amazing creators of that community. We begin the journey together to achieve change, one sunrise at a time.


Where we are now

evolution has transformed to be a nationally recognised brand with multiple locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and thousands of people having been through the program.  The evolution business continues to innovate what it means to be an evolutionary, to be an active part of positive change in the world and to have a business that makes a difference in the lives of all of its community.

Meet our clients

Meet our clients

Our clients are amazing! From all walks of life, all on their own journeys, yet connected through community. Read their stories and see what they have to say.

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