Our Program

Our program and timetable is based on a balanced approach to health and fitness, to give you the best results possible. It is made up of:

  • Functional strength training - get lean, strong and build a functional powerful body
  • Cardio based interval training - get fit, fast and agile
  • Yoga and Pilates - get flexible, activated, balanced with postural awareness

Here is an example of what you can expect on offer over the course of a week at evo:

Sessions generally have 2 components to them run by 2 trainers, so instead of doing just one thing for 60 minutes, you keep moving between activities. This keeps sessions dynamic and your body stays alert and challenged. Plus doing different things in a session means the time flies and the session is over before you know it.

Our program is based on 4 week blocks and each week is themed with different equipment on offer. Our trainers are experts at using specific fitness equipment in the way it is designed to be used and they design fresh new training session plans every week, so no 2 weeks are the same.


* Sessions vary depending on locations / timeslots and some groups do not offer Saturday sessions.

* View real time timetables here (click through to the location that suits you best).

Meet our clients

Meet our clients

Our clients are amazing! From all walks of life, all on their own journeys, yet connected through community. Read their stories and see what they have to say.

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